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We need a maximum of 4 hours for each datasheet!
Material Summery Including:
Plate, Pipe, Head, Flange, Forged, Fitting, Stud Bolt, Bolt & Nut, Profile, Grating , Gasket, Tube & Spacer, Waste, Body Gasket
Fabrication Summery Including:
Plate Cutting, Pipe Cutting, Plate Rolling, Profile Bending, Head Forming, Edge Beveling, Main Welding, Orbital Welding, Hole Drilling, Tube Expand, Tube Sheet Grooving, Self Reinforce, Hydro Test, ND Test, Heat Treatment, Sand Blast, Painting Activity , Ladder & Platform
Piece DXF Drawing Including:
Shell Developed, Fitting, Standard Profile, Flange & Nozzle, Head, Vessel Support, Baffle, Girth Flange, Tube Sheet, All Shape Plates
Special Reports Including:
Full Part List, Paint in Detail, Weld in Detail, Compare Report, Connection
1D Nesting Including:
Pipe, Profile, Spacer, Tie Rods, Ladder & Platforms
2D Nesting Including:
Rectangle, Ring, Disk, All Shape Plates, Head

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calculators such as Nozzle Projection, Cone Development, Ladder & Platform, Saddle.

Powerful calculators such as Shell Course Arrangement, Tiles Arrangement, Head Cutter.

We provide you with practical tools and accurate calculators for designing in the oil and petrochemical industry in this site.

Design the following parts with your desired dimensions in AutoCAD with just one click!

Draw objects with desired dimensions (DXF). Pressure Vessels Applied Tools and other useful calculators.